The “IE6 Upgrade Option” plugin for WordPress displays a courteous warning screen if a site visitor is using Internet Explorer 6 when they visit your website. The warning simply informs the site visitor that they are using a browser that is both out of date and not as secure as more modern browsers… and the warning screen offers links to the sites where a more modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE8, IE9) can be downloaded.

The image on the left shows what the warning screen looks like when The Knotthole Bed and Breakfast website is viewed by someone using the IE6 browser.

Note that the warning screen is displayed using a “Lightbox” effect that rests on top of the content on the original web page.

Another really nice feature of this plugin is that you can create your own personalized message that is presented on the warning screen.

Any idea why people refuse to upgrade their browser to a newer version… or for that matter, change to a more efficient browser? Over time, most people have probably built up a fairly large “favorites” list of sites that they regularly visit… and their might be a fear of losing their “favorites” list if they upgrade to a new version of their existing browser or change to a new browser. Rest assured that you will not lose your “favorites” list by upgrading or changing your browser. Every browser has the ability to load your favorites list from another browser… and remember this, you can have as many browsers on your computer as you desire (I have IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera on my computer). In other words, it is very easy to test multiple browsers and decide which one is best for you… and downloading a new browser and installing it won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

So, if you are still using IE6, consider upgrading to IE7, IE8 or IE9… in addition to using a faster browser, you will be using a more secure browser… and I would also suggest that you give Firefox, Chrome and Opera a try.


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