Sasse Mountain - 8.30.2008

Near Salmon La Sac, drive 5.7 miles on FS 4315 and park near the gate at 4800'... hike the road for .5 miles to Sasse Ridge... turn south and walk the ridge trail to the summit (5730')... 5.9 miles roundtrip, gaining 1910 feet of elevation with several ups and downs along the ridge.
After walking .5 miles on FS 4315, you reach the ridge and a sign for the trail to Sasse Mtn.
The best views were from a rock outcropping between Point 5610 and Sasse Mtn (5730')... this is Jolly Mtn... with Hawkins Mtn and Mt. Stuart in the distance.
Humerus Hill from the rock outcropping.
Davis Peak from the rock outcropping.
Looking north along Sasse Ridge from the rock outcropping... Hawkins Mtn on the right.
Red Mtn from the rock outcropping.
Sasse Mtn (5730') has a treed summit with limited views... the summit party consisted of Nanda, Denali Girl, Anna Purna, ragman, larman, dawgman, and rodman.
Sasse Mtn 011_Mormon Fritallary.jpg
larman's photo of the Mormon Fritallary...
Sasse Mtn 013_planning the next hike.jpg
At the end of the Sasse Mtn hike... ragman and rodman make plans for the next hike.