Spark Plug Mountain - 9.6.2008

East of Skykomish turn south on the Foss River Road... drive a short distance and drive FS 6830 for 18.5 miles to the trailhead... hike down to Deception Creek... then connect with the PCT at Deception Lakes... then hike to Pieper Pass... then cross-country for .75 miles to the Spark Plug summit.
On the way down to Deception Creek we saw this tribute to Faye Ogilvie.
rodman and Denali Girl help piece together the Alpine Lakes Wilderness sign.
After hiking for 4 miles we reached the first of the Deception Lakes.
The second of the Deception Lakes... from here, we left the lakes and headed for Pieper Pass on the PCT.
A closeup of Lake Clarice at the foot of Terrace Mtn... taken from the PCT on the way to Pieper Pass.
From Pieper Pass we left the PCT and headed NNW off-trail to the Spark Plug Mtn summit (6311')... rodman takes a look at the summit register, complete with a spark plug.
The summit register was placed in August, 2001 by Johnny Jeans... still plenty of room for more signatures.
A closeup of Spark Plug Lake from the Spark Plug Mtn summit.
From the Spark Plug summit Mt. Daniel is still in the clouds.
Point 6594 and Surprise Mtn from the Spark Plug Mtn summit... Surprise Gap is between the two.
On the way back to Pieper Pass we got a good look at Glacier Lake... with Thunder Mtn trying to come out of the clouds.
Surprise Lake and Glacier Lake... taken on our way back to Pieper Pass from the Spark Plug Mtn summit.
Terrace Mtn and Lake Clarice... taken from the PCT on the way back to Deception Lakes.
Spark Plug Mtn... from FS 6830 as we drive home... the weather has taken a major turn for the better.