Kendall Peak Lakes and First Kendall Knob - 1.27.2012

Start from the Gold Creek Sno-Park (2600')... Exit 54 on I-90... then follow FS9090 toward the Kendall Peak Lakes... today's ski trip will be ~8 miles roundtrip, gaining ~1800 feet of elevation.
The Gold Creek Sno-Park was a busy place... however, the school children weren't going very far.
The trench was several inches deep... there was one snowshoer ahead of me and he beat down the 2 to 3 inches of fresh snow all by himself.
Gaining elevation on FS 9090 now... going parallel to I-90 and heading back toward Snoqualmie Pass... Silver Peak on the left... with Ski Acres and Hyak in the foreground.
Continuing up FS 9090... looking at Second Kendall Knob... getting ready to turn right and head up the Coal Creek drainage.
Heading up the Coal Creek drainage now... Second Kendall Knob on the left... with some of Kendall Peak sub-summits on the right.
At the head of the valley now... looking down the Coal Creek drainage to the Snoqualmie Pass ski area... Silver Peak and Humpback Mtn on the left... Granite Mtn and Tusk O'Granite on the right.
Looking across the Snoqualmie Pass ski area to Granite Mtn and Tusk O'Granite.
Looking at Rampart Ridge... it is decision time... go left to the Kendall Peak Lakes or right to the First Kendall Knob.
I decided to head toward the Kendall Peak Lakes... I can always do the First Kendall Knob on the way back.
Still heading for the lakes... high enough now to look down the Coal Creek drainage to see Mt. Rainier on the left... the snow is sparkling.
Above the first lake now... looking at some of the Kendall Peak sub-summits... I think I will hold my elevation and skip the lakes today and just head back and do the First Kendall Knob.
Back at my earlier decision point... no one has set the tracks toward the First Kendall Knob, so I will... it is only a quarter mile to the knob and the snow is easy to push through.
Nearing the First Kendall Knob.
Pristine snow at the First Kendall Knob.
From the First Kendall Knob I am looking at Denny Mtn, The Tooth, Bryant Peak, Chair Peak and Mt. Roosevelt.
Guye Peak and Snoqualmie Mountain.
Keechelus Lake from the First Kendall Knob.
A closeup of Hibox Mountain... looking across the divde between Alta Mountain and Rampart Ridge.
Looking back at Kendall Peak and its sub-summits... the true summit is on the far left... a 3.5 mile ski will get me back to the car.