Windy Pass - 2.15.2013

Take Exit 54 off of I-90 and follow brown signs to the Hyak Sno-Park... this trip was ~10.5 miles roundtrip, gaining ~1500 feet of elevation.
A google earth look at how to get to the Hyak Sno-Park from Exit 54 on I-90... kind of convoluted, but just follow the brown signs.
A broader google earth look at the route from the Hyak Sno-Park to Olallie Meadow... we skied the John Wayne Pioneer Trail for ~1 mile... then hiked a short distance in the woods up to FS 9070 which we used the rest of the way to Olallie Meadow.
The Hyak Sno-Park (2640') has room for 150 cars. A sno-park permit is required, plus the special groomed permit... or a sno-park permit, plus a Discover Pass.
From the sno-park, Rampart Ridge appears above the clouds.
We will ski the first mile of this trip on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail... which is flat as a pancake.
After skiing ~1 mile... watch for the blue diamond on the right side of the road... this signals the place where you will want to leave the John Wayne Trail.
Denali Girl hauling her skis the short distance from the John Wayne Pioneer Trail up to FS 9070.
The majority of FS 9070 is nicely graded... making for a fun ride back down.
After skiing ~5 miles we arrived at Windy Pass in Olallie Meadow... which offers plenty of room to roam around.
Bright sunshine above Silver Peak from Olallie Meadow.
A closeup of Kaleetan Peak, Chair Peak, Bryant Peak, The Tooth and Denny Mountain.
A closeup of Bandera Mountain, Mount Defiance and Pratt Mountain from Olallie Meadow.
A closeup of Granite Mountain, Kaleetan Peak, Chair Peak and Bryant Peak.
Tusk O'granite and Granite Mountain on the left to Red Mountain, Mt. Thomson and Kendall Peak on the right.