'Not Hinkhouse' Peak, Fortune Peak and Small Fortune - 9.7.2016

We parked (~4240') at the end of the N. Fork Teanaway River Road... and started hiking on Esmeralda Basin Trail #1394... our loop hike was 9.5 miles, gaining 3993 feet of elevation.
After hiking a quarter-mile or so we turned onto Ingalls Way Trail #1390.
After hiking ~1.5 miles on the Ingalls Way Trail we will take Longs Pass Trail #1229.
Esmeralda Peaks from the trail junction of the Ingalls Way Trail and the Longs Pass Trail.
Fortune Peak on the left... we will visit the summit later in the day.
Less than a mile of hiking on the Longs Pass Trail brought us to Longs Pass (~6220')... and a nice view of Mt. Stuart, Sherpa Peak and Argonaut Peak.
We have left Longs Pass... heading NW along the ridge that will take us over to 'Not Hinkhouse' Peak on the right... looking through the gap at the north and east summits of Ingalls Peak.
High enough on the ridge to see Fortune Peak (left), all 3 summits of Ingalls Peak (center) and Point 6878 on the right... aka 'Not Hinkhouse' Peak.
'Not Hinkhouse' Peak on the right... we will have to give back a little elevation to get over there... Ingalls Pass in the center of the photo... we will cross over 'Not Hinkhouse' and follow the ridge down to Ingalls Pass.
Esmeralda Peaks and Hawkins Mountain from the ridge leading to 'Not Hinkhouse' Peak.
Finishing up the scramble to 'Not Hinkhouse' Peak.
A selfie from the summit of 'Not Hinkhouse' Peak... with Mt. Stuart behind us.
iraman scrambling on the ridge between 'Not Hinkhouse' Peak and Ingalls Pass (center of photo)... after reaching Ingalls Pass we will continue on to Fortune Peak on the left.
Looking back at part of our scramble route down to Ingalls Pass... lots of options for scrambling here.
iraman on the ridge between 'Not Hinkhouse' Peak and Ingalls Pass... the 3 summits of Ingalls Peak on the right.
iraman on the ridge between 'Not Hinkhouse' Peak and Ingalls Pass.
Looking back at 'Not Hinkhouse' Peak as we near Ingalls Pass.
Giving back a little elevation as we work our way down from Ingalls Pass to a bench that will take us over to Lake Camp Fire Girls.
Heading for Lake Camp Fire Girls... looking back at the Stuart Range on the other side of Ingalls Pass... 'Not Hinkhouse' Peak is in the right foreground.
Looking down on a very dry Lake Camp Fire Girls... Esmeralda Peaks in the distance.
Past Lake Camp Fire Girls now... working our way back up to the ridge between Ingalls Pass and Fortune Peak.
Heading for the ridge that connects Ingalls Pass to Fortune Peak.
On the ridge now... with the Fortune Peak summit at the top of the photo.
Heading for Fortune Peak... looking across Headlight Basin to Ingalls Lake... with the 3 summits of Ingalls Peak on the left... and Mt. Stuart on the right.
The gang nears the Fortune Peak summit.
Nearing the Fortune Peak summit... looking back at our route from Longs Pass to Ingalls Pass to Fortune Peak.
Looking NW from the Fortune Peak summit (7382').
Looking at the route we will take from Fortune Peak to Small Fortune and Fortune Creek Pass.
Heading down from Fortune Peak... on our way to Small Fortune and Fortune Creek Pass.
Class 2 scrambling with a touch of Class 3 scrambling on the way to Small Fortune.
On the ridge between Fortune Peak and Small Fortune (6598')... looking back at Fortune Peak on the extreme far right in the photo.
On the summit of Small Fortune... and the approximate route we used from Fortune Peak.
Leaving the summit of Small Fortune and heading for Fortune Creek Pass... Hawkins Mountain on the right... Esmeralda on the left... Gallaher Head Lake in the gap... the red peak is DeRoux... with The Louvre and Jolly Mountain behind DeRoux.
Standing on Point 6010... just south of Fortune Creek Pass... looking at our approximate route from Fortune Peak and Small Fortune... we will use the Esmeralda Basin Trail to get back to our car.
We will stay on the Esmeralda Basin Trail... still 3 miles of hiking to get back to our car.