Point 5166 - 4.13.2017

I started this hike by parking just inside the entrance to the Molino Basin Campground... located ~5.5 miles up the Catalina Highway.
I just parked in the Molino Basin Campground... I will cross the Catalina Highway and start hiking on Bellota Trail #15... and follow the trail up to the saddle on the far right in the photo.
The Bellota Trail is part of the Arizona Trail which runs north and south through the entire state.
More info on the Arizona Trail.
Looking up at Point 5166 as I hike along the Bellota Trail.
Gaining elevation on the Bellota Trail... looking across Molino Canyon to Airmen Peak on the far left.
Looking across Molino Canyon to Airmen Peak in the center of the photo... locals refer to the bump on the left as Molino Thimble... the formation on the right is unnamed.
Looking down Molino Canyon as I continue up the Bellota Trail... Gibbon Mountain is at the head of the valley in the right-center of the photo.
After hiking ~1 mile I have reached the saddle between Point 5166 and Point 5389.
Leaving the saddle and heading for the summit of Point 5166 on a pretty good boot path.
Nearing the summit of Point 5166... still on a pretty good path.
The summit of Point 5166... broad views in all directions.
From Point 5166 I am looking at the Rincon Mountains and Santa Rita Mountains... with Tucson in the valley.
On top of Point 5166 and looking across Molino Canyon to Molino Thimble and Airmen Peak on the left... Point 5389 is in the right foreground.
From the summit of Point 5166 I am looking down on the Molino Basin Campground... and the Catalina Highway as it winds its way up toward Mt. Lemmon... the hike was 2.6 miles roundtrip, gaining 952 feet of elevation.