Byrd Point - 5.28.2017

Using a combination of the Entiat River Road, Crum Canyon Road, Osburn Canyon Road and FS-5305 we decided to stop driving and parked on the side of 5305... we will head for Point 3641 on the left.
Walking FS-5305 and heading for Point 3641.
After walking FS-5305 for a short distance we have left the road and are heading cross country for Point 3641... here we are looking back down to where we parked on the side of FS-5305.
Nearing Point 3641.
Using the selfie stick on Point 3641... with the Columbia River behind us.
Earth tones... we have left Point 3641 and heading north for Point 3660.
Crossing over Point 3660... heading north for Point 3755.
On the north side of Point 3660 we have connected with the Stekilo Ridge Trail #1454... Point 3755 (our high point on this hike) is in the foreground.
I'm a big fan of purple and gold... penstemon and balsamroot.
The USGS map (probably a 1965 version) shows this as part of the Steliko Ridge Trail, but it looks like it has become a continuation of FS-5305 over the years... Byrd Point is on top of the bump in the foreground.
Luna leads the way to Byrd Point... Goman Peak is the partially treed summit on the left.
Group shot from the summit (3625') of Byrd Point.
Leaving Byrd Point and heading back for the cars... Point 3755 in the right foreground... with Points 3660 and 3641 further back on the left.
On our way back to the cars we chose to stay on the Steliko Ridge Trail and not return to the top of Point 3755... Point 3660 is in the distance.
BarbE nears the top of Point 3660... our second visit to this spot today.
Instead of returning to Point 3641 we have decided to head east for a visit to Point 3344... which will be our fifth point of the day... call it a '5 point day'.
I'm on Point 3344... looking back at Point 3641 which was our first point of the day.
A nice view of the Columbia River from Point 3344... with the Waterville Plateau on the horizon.
We saw a lot of bitterroot on this hike.
Working our way down to the cars... the hike was 5.2 miles roundtrip, gaining 1593 feet of elevation.