Longs Reach (Point 6047) - 7.11.2017

FS-9737 was closed at the Iron Peak Trailhead... leaving a 1.1 mile road walk to the trailhead... our hike today was 9.3 miles roundtrip, gaining 2843 feet of elevation.
The Esmeralda Basin Trailhead after hiking the road for 1.1 miles.
A quarter-mile from the Esmeralda Basin Trailhead we turned right onto Ingalls Way Trail #1390 even though the new sign doesn't name the trail.
Another 1.5 miles or so and we will take the Longs Pass Trail.
After hiking a total of 4 miles (when the road gets repaired it will only be 3 miles) we arrived at Longs Pass and got a fairly nice view of the Stuart Range.
We have turned SE (right) at Longs Pass and will continue a very short distance before heading out the ridge in the center of the photo... the eastern part of the Stuart Range is on the left.
Longs Reach (Point 6047) is approximately three-quarters of a mile out this ridge that heads due east... paralleling Ingalls Creek down in the valley. Colchuck, Argonaut, Dragontail, Little Annapurna and McClellan on the left... with Devils Head and Three Brothers on the right.
Some Class 2 scrambling and easy Class 3 along the ridge leading to Longs Reach.
Sometimes we got off of the ridge on the way to Longs Reach.
The final scramble to Longs Reach.
Looking back toward Longs Pass from Longs Reach... 'Not Hinkhouse' Peak is in the right foreground... with Fortune Peak and South Ingalls beyond.
Scrambling back toward Longs Pass from Longs Reach.
Almost back to Longs Pass.
Looking back at our scramble route out to Longs Reach.
A selfie from Longs Pass... left-to-right... Denali Girl, ragman, madman and Sahale... a 3 mile trail hike and a 1 mile road walk will get us back to the car.