West Tiger 2 and West Tiger 3 - 1.8.2018

I parked in the newly paved parking lot for the trailhead for West Tiger 3 and Tradition Lake... the West Tiger 2 and West Tiger 3 loop hike was 6.5 miles roundtrip, gaining 2452 feet of elevation.
It doesn't take long to reach the junction for the West Tiger 3 Trail and the Bus Trail... take the West Tiger 3 fork.
Within 50 yards of the junction for the West Tiger 3 trail and the Bus trail, turn left onto the Tiger Mountain Trail.
After gaining a few hundred feet I have reached an unsigned junction with the Cable Line Trail... stay to the left here on flatish terrain while the Cable Line Trail goes steeply uphill.
Gaining elevation on moderate terrain... crossing at least two bridges along the way.
I have reached the K-3 trail... it says that it is unmaintained... but it is in excellent shape for an unmaintained trail... however, the K-3 trail is pretty steep.
After a while, cross the West Tiger Railroad Grade and continue steeply uphill.
Off of the K-3 trail now... crossing over the Tiger Mountain Trail and continuing uphill... only a half-mile from the summit of West Tiger 2.
Less than a quarter mile left to reach the summit of West Tiger 2.
The tower on the summit of West Tiger 2.
The summit of West Tiger 2... 2757 feet.
Leaving West Tiger 2 and heading for West Tiger 3... less than a quarter mile away.
Not much of a view from West Tiger 2.
A quarter mile or so from West Tiger 2 I have reached the summit (2522') of West Tiger 3... basically no view from the summit.
The best view all day was a short distance north of the West Tiger 3 summit... looking east toward North Bend... a 3 mile hike will get me back to the car as I follow the West Tiger 3 trail down to close the loop hike.