Golden Bee Mine and Point 3298 - 2.7.2018

We parked on the side of Pinto Basin Road... approximately a half-mile west of the 'Cholla Garden'.
Gail is hiking in a wash a short distance from the Pinto Basin Road... between two distinctive mounds (one of the mounds is in front of Gail) that also give a nice landmark where a person can park along side the road.
Heading cross country toward the Hexie Mountains... we can see the faint abandoned road heading uphill in the center of the photo.
There is a very small cholla garden along the way... note that this is not the official 'Cholla Garden' which is located right next to the road a half-mile east from where we parked.
Gail is standing in the midst of the little cholla garden... now we can see the road going up to the Golden Bee Mine in the center of the photo.
On the abandoned road heading uphill now.
Looking back at Gail as she comes up the road... with the Pinto Mountains across the valley.
Just below the Golden Bee Mine we found this water tank.
I went up above the water tank and saw this... I assume that the pipe fed the water tank.
This was fenced off... but I was able to get the lens of my camera through the fence to take the photo.
Continuing higher and looking back across Wilson Canyon to the Pinto Mountains... the water tower is on the hillside to the left.
Nearing the main mining operation.
What's this... looks like a fun water slide.
This mine shaft was at least 50 feet deep.
Gail is exploring the mining site... several shafts here.
Gail took the trail back to the car while I decided to go up to the ridge above.
I have reached Point 3298 (my high point for the day)... here looking SE to Mounument Mountain on the horizon.
Looking down on Fried Liver Wash from Point 3298.
I decided to continue west along the ridge from Point 3298... looks like a few easy downs and ups.
Working my way west from Point 3298... looking down on the Golden Bee Mine and across Pinto Basin to the Pinto Mountains.
Looking back at Point 3298 in the foreground as I continue west along the ridge.
After hiking along the ridge for a mile or so I am looking for a good route back down to the desert floor... I'm standing in the Hexie Mountains... looking across the Pinto Mountains on the right to Queen Mountain on the far right horizon.
I'm going over to the next bump in the foreground and start working my way down... the light gray area across the valley on the hillside is the Eldorado Mine.
A closer look at the Eldorado Mine.
Back down on the desert floor... looking back at my route off of the ridge in the center of the road... leaving a mile or so desert walk to get back to the car... the loop hike was 5 miles, gaining 1273 feet of elevation.