Fall River Loop - 12.17.2018

La Pine State Park is a 3 mile drive from our new home in La Pine, Oregon... we decided to do a loop hike in the park and we saw this herd of elk before we even reached the trailhead.
The Don McGregor Viewpoint is a few steps from where we parked to start hiking the Fall River Loop Trail.
The Deschutes River snakes through the 2000 acre La Pine State Park.
There are lots and lots of lodgepole pines and ponderosa pines in the park which is located in the Deschutes National Forest... and the park is the home of Oregon's largest ponderosa pine... 191 feet tall and 27 feet in circumference... and is thought to be more than 500 years old.
The water moves very slowly in most of the Deschutes River... a mecca for fly fishermen.
Just another bend in the Deschutes River.
Is it a horseshoe or a bend... this one is in the Fall River which flows into the Deschutes River.
Fall River Falls... this is by far the fastest moving water we saw all day.
Above the Fall River Falls and nearing the spot where there are more fly fishermen than there are bends in the river.
We have closed our loop hike at the McGregor Viewpoint... and can see Paulina Peak in the distance... our loop hike was 5.8 miles, gaining 318 feet of elevation... being a novice mountain biker I can't wait to get my bike on these park trails in the summer.