Garfield Peak and Applegate Peak - 8.14.2019

We parked (~7100') near the lodge at Crater Lake National Park... Garfield Peak is on the other side of the lodge in the photo.
A view of Crater Lake from the lodge parking lot... Wizard Island is in the left foreground... with Hillman Peak on the crater rim to the left of Wizard Island and Llao Rock on the rim to the right of the Island.
The Garfield Peak Trail starts about 50 yards east of the lodge... there is a paved path from the lodge to the trailhead.
Lots of lake views along the Garfield Peak Trail... Llao Rock on the left and Mt. Thielsen the pointy thing on the right.
Continuing up the Garfield Peak Trail... lots of crags along the trail.
Looking back toward the lodge and Rim Village as we continue up the trail.
The Watchman and Hillman Peak on the rim to the left of Wizard Island... with Llao Rock on the far right.
Switchbacking our way up to Garfield Peak.
Looking back to the lodge and Rim Village as we gain elevation... The Watchman is the peak on the crater rim.
Just another pano of Crater Lake... Dutton Cliff is in the far right foreground... with Mt. Scott (the high point in the park) just to the left of Dutton Cliff.
Still working our way up to the summit of Garfield Peak... it is taking a long time to get there because of the breathtaking views along the way.
A pano shot just below the summit of Garfield Peak on the right... going to the left from Garfield are Applegate Peak, Dutton Cliff and Mt. Scott... Phantom Ship is the little rock formation poking up out of the lake.
A pano shot from the summit (8054') of Garfield Peak.
Looking down on part of the Garfield Peak Trail from the Garfield summit... Wizard Island and Hillman Peak to the left... Llao Rock in the center of the photo... with Mount Bailey on the horizon to the left of Llao Rock and Diamond Peak and Mt. Thielsen to the right of Llao Rock.
A closer look at Phantom Ship from the summit of Garfield... with Mt. Scott back off of the rim in the center of the photo... with Dutton Cliff and Applegate Peak in the right foreground.
Time to leave the summit of Garfield Peak and head cross-country for Applegate Peak.
Heading into the great wide open on our way to Applegate Peak.
We will hike past Dyar Rock which blocks Applegate Peak in this photo... Dutton Cliff and Mt. Scott out there on the left.
We have passed Dyar Rock and are looking back at Garfield Peak... The Watchman and Hillman Peak are on the crater rim in the distance.
A pano looking back at Garfield Peak as we near the summit of Applegate Peak.
On the summit (8126') of Applegate Peak... looking down on the Sun Notch viewing area that looks down on the Phantom Ship in Chaski Bay... and looking across Dutton Cliff to Mt. Scott.
A pano shot of Crater Lake from the summit (8126') of Applegate Peak.
Time to leave the summit of Applegate Peak and more or less trace our steps back to the car.
Heading for the barn... passing by Dyar Rock here and heading back to Garfield Peak.
Back on the Garfield Peak Trail... a 1.7 mile hike will get us back to our car at the lodge... the hike was 6.2 miles roundtrip, gaining ~1800 feet of elevation.