Ubehebe Crater - 2.23.2021

We parked at the Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley National Park.
Starting the loop hike around the crater in a counter clockwise direction.
Looking down into Ubehebe Crater as we hike around the crater.
Lots of erosion in the crater.
After hiking .3 miles Nanda and I decided to leave the main trail and take an obvious path around the Little Ubehebe Crater... which is right next to the big crater.
Nanda is at the high point above Little Ubehebe Crater... she will continue to the left back to the main trail... while I take the path off to the right to see what I can find.
I followed the path south of Little Ubehebe Crater... here looking back toward the main trail.
From my high point beyond the Little Ubehebe Crater I'm looking south to the Cottonwood Mountains to the left and center of the photo... and to the Last Chance Mountains in the distance on the right.
I hiked down from my high point and will head back to the main trail on the horizon.
Interesting terrain as I hike back to the rim trail around Ubehebe Crater.
Hiking up to rejoin the ladies.
Looking back where I came from... the Cottonwood Mountains on the far left... with the Last Chance Mountains in the center of the photo.
I have rejoined the ladies... we are all off the main trail which is visible on the left... with the Grapevine Mountains on the horizon.
Getting ready to rejoin the main rim trail... looking up Death Valley Wash... with the Last Chance Mountains on the left and the Grapevine Mountains on the right.
Almost back to our car... the hike was 2.5 miles, gaining 627 feet of elevation.