Paulina Peak - 6.4.2021

Denali Girl at one of the trailheads for the Crater Rim Trail #3957... this one is located on Forest Road #500 (aka Paulina Peak Road)... elevation is ~6500 feet.
In less than a half-mile we started getting peak-a-boo views of Paulina Lake.
The trail is much steeper than in the photo.
After hiking 1.25 miles (~7500') we started seeing patchy snow.
Still gaining elevation... with a full view of Paulina Lake... and East Lake coming into view.
After hiking 1.8 miles on the Crater Rim Trail we have taken Paulina Peak Trail #3951... and will follow it on up to the summit above.
Nearing the Paulina Peak summit on the right... with views of the east side of Paulina Lake on the left... and a full view of East Lake on the right... and notice how the north end of the 'Big Obsidian Flow' is sneaking into the photo at the bottom.
The sign near the Paulina Peak summit... with Paulina Lake below.
Denali Girl nears the Paulina Peak summit after hiking 2.2 miles... and yes, it is possible to drive within 30 feet of elevation gain to the summit.
On the Paulina Peak summit... with views of Paulina Lake and East Lake... with the north end of the 'Big Obsidian Flow' on the right.