Point 4251 - 2.25.2022

I parked at the Turkey Flats message board in the Pinto Basin area of Joshua Tree National Park... and that is Pinto Mountain out there... but I will be hiking in the opposite direction.
Hiking cross country from where I parked at Turkey Flats... Mary Peak stands out on the right... but I will be heading for Point 4251 which is the high point on the far left horizon.
After hiking 1.5 miles it is time to leave the desert floor and head for Point 4251 which is the high point in the center of the photo.
My target is on the far left... at least I think it is.
Point 4251 is barely visible in the left center of the photo... looks like several more ups and downs will get me over there.
Nope this isn't Point 4251... but it will be the last bump I cross over before tagging Point 4251.
Finally Point 4251 is in my face... and there are no more ups and downs to get there... just an up!
After hiking a total of 4.6 miles cross country I have reached Point 4251... here looking SE to the Eagle Mountains.
From Point 4251 I am looking SW to Monument Mountain... which is roughly 3 miles away as a crow flies.
From Point 4251... looking north (left) to SE (right)... across Pinto Basin... with Pinto Mountain standing our in the left center of the photo.
A closeup of Pinto Mountain... looking across Pinto Basin from Point 4251.
Leaving Point 4251 and heading toward Mary Peak in the foreground... with Queen Mountain on the left horizon.
More or less tracing my steps back down to the desert floor... with Pinto Mountain in the center of the photo.
After hiking a total of 7.8 miles I have returned to the desert floor... heading in the direction of Pinto Mountain.
I have returned to Turkey Flats... with Pinto Mountain displaying its many colors... the total hike was 9.3 miles, gaining 2911 feet of elevation.