Hidden Valley - 3.8.2022

We parked at the very popular Hidden Valley Picnic Area in Joshua Tree National Park.
A little history on Hidden Valley... home to the McHaney Gang... who hid their stolen herds of cattle and horses here until they could brand them and then resell them.
After hiking an eighth of a mile we have entered the popular southern portion of Hidden Valley... where there is a loop trail that stays in the southern part of the valley... we will start hiking the loop in a counter clockwise direction.
The huge, smooth rock face in the left center of the photo is called the 'Great Burrito'.
After hiking a total of a half-mile it is time for me to leave the popular loop trail and head north... cross country through the gap in the center of the photo.
Looking back at the popular southern portion of Hidden Valley as I get ready to scramble through the gap that connects the southern portion of the valley to the northern portion of the valley.
Now the fun begins!
I will need to squeeze through this little 'V' shaped formation.
Now it is time to go through the slender passage to the left of the big rock in the center of the photo.
The passage mentioned in the previous photo... I definitely had to take my pack off to make it through the passage.
Looking back at the passage I just came through... in the past I have used the little 'V' passage to the left of the big rock... and if I ever do it again, I will also use that route instead of the slender passage on the right of the big rock in the center of the photo.
I have just finished the crux of this hike and entered the northern part of Hidden Valley... needless to say, there are also incredible rock formations in this section of the valley.
Continuing to hike north through the northern portion of Hidden Valley. I consider Hidden Valley a minature version of 'The Wonderland of Rocks'... and you know how much I love the wonderland!
I have reached the end of the northern portion of Hidden Valley... here looking back at the northern portion of Hidden Valley.
The 'Hemingway' rock formations sit at the northern end of Hidden Valley... located a stone's throw from Park Blvd... and this is where my one-way hike ends... the hike was a total of one mile, gaining 77 feet of elevation.