Little Box Canyon - 12.30.2022

We drove over the american canal in Mecca... then continued on the Box Canyon Road for 6.2 miles from the road that goes to Painted Canyon... then turned off of Box Canyon Road and drove an eighth of a mile.
We thought this was the Little Box Canyon Trail... but it was really the Little Box Canyon 'Jeep' Trail.
After hiking the jeep trail for 1.2 miles the jeep trail road goes to the left... so we decided to leave the main trail and go to the right.
It didn't take long for our route to narrow a bunch.
After hiking a total of 1.35 miles (.15 miles from when we left the main trail) we hit a dead end in our little canyon and decided to leave the canyon and go up onto the foothills.
Hiking on top of the foothills... we can see a trail out there in the distance... with the Orocopia Mountains on the horizon.
Looking west toward the Santa Rosa Mountains on the horizon... with fog blocking our view of the Salton Sea.
After hiking a total of 2.6 miles we have found the Little Box Canyon Jeep Trail... and we will follow it back down into the canyon.
After hiking a total of 2.8 miles we will drop back down into the canyon.
Back on the Little Box Canyon Jeep Trail and heading for our car... the total hike was 4.4 miles, gaining 527 feet of elevation.