Hidden Way - 1.24.2023

We parked one car at the Hemingway parking area and then drove a second car to this parking area at Hidden Valley... this will be a 'two car thru hike'.
Some of the history of Hidden Valley... where cattle rustlers and horse rustlers hid and rebranded the animals.
Entering Hidden Valley.
We have entered Hidden Valley... there is a one mile loop hike in this part of the valley that is probably the most popular hike in the park... but we will leave the main trail and head over to the 'Holy Enchilada'... the large rock formation in the left center foreground of this photo.
Heading for the 'Holy Enchilada' out there on the right.
Star Dancer and Denali Girl at the base of the 'Holy Enchilada'... they will hang out here while I continue on over to the rocks on the far left.
I'm exploring some new terrain now... here looking over at Denali Girl up near the summit of 'Holy Enchilada'.
Star Dancer took this photo of Denali Girl near the summit of Holy Enchilada... named by Star Dancer because it is across Hidden Valley from the officially named 'Great Burrito'... more on that later.
I'm looking for a route down to the desert floor beyond the Holy Enchilada.
Looking for a route down to the desert floor between Holy Enchilada and the rock formation I'm on here... and not having any success.
Denali took this photo of me from where she was on the Holy Enchilada... and that is as far as I got... so I will trace my steps back to join the ladies.
Back on the main trail in Hidden Valley... hiking NW in search of the Hemingway Buttress area.
We didn't stay on the main trail very long... here heading over to see why I couldn't find a route down to the desert floor from where I was earlier.
On the west side of Holy Enchilada... looking up to the right where I was earlier... and not surprised that I couldn't find a route down to here from up there.
Hiking north now to rejoin the main trail... somewhere over there on the right.
We have rejoined the main trail... here looking over at the 'Great Burrito' in the center of the photo.
The 'Great Burrito' has several rock climbing routes... rated between 5.7 and 5.10b.
We have left the main trail for the last time today... heading NW in the much less traveled section of Hidden Valley.
After hiking 3 tenths of a mile since leaving the main trail we found a nice passage that will get us over to a section of the valley that will make it easier for us to come out on the east side of Hemingway Buttress.
Denali Girl in the passage crossing over to an easier entrance to the Hemingway Buttress area.
Star Dancer working her way over to the easier entrance to Hemingway Buttress.
We have entered the east side of the Hemingway Buttress area... and Denali Girl is pointing to a cave... so lets go check it out.
The cave is up there above Star Dancer's head.
Denali Girl took this photo of me looking into the cave.
I decided to continue hiking above the cave... and have gone through a passage... giving up a little elevation to see if there is a route down to the desert floor from here.
Denali Girl took this shot of me searching for a route down to the desert floor... but that is as far as I got.
This is what I was looking at from where I was in the previous photo.
Time to trace my steps back up to the passage above.
Heading back down to the desert floor from the cave... we can actually see our car out there in the distance.
Heading straight for the car... the total hike was 2.3 miles, gaining 249 feet of elevation... not a lot of mileage or elevation gain... but quite a bit of scrambling on the rocks.