Website Design by Roger Gervin

Do you want a Website?

Website design should not begin until you can answer these two questions. (1) Why are you building the website and (2) Who will your Internet audience be?

I designed this website so I could refer potential clients to a central location that will allow easy access to all of my website design work... a location where I can visually display my knowledge of website design and programming... a location where I can discuss some of the things that make some website designs a lot more user friendly than others.

There are lots of subtle things that separate good website design from website design.

Good website design presents your pages and material efficiently. Poor website design can be very irritating to a site visitor and cause them to leave your site very quickly.

Select Five Steps to get information on the five steps of website design.

Is website design really just five easy steps? It might seem so, but good website design and poor website design are as different as night and day. Poor website design is easy to do, but good website design takes some planning.

I'll meet with you and discuss these 5 steps of website design. Together we will determine what your website expectations are and then develop a plan that will allow your expectations to become a reality.

It's just a matter of discussing the pros and cons of the alternatives that exist in each of the 5 steps, selecting the proper alternatives for you, and then building your website.

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