Hosting step of website design

Hosting Step of Website Design

This step of website design is also pretty easy and I will assist you in selecting a host company. We'll discuss what your website expectations are and then talk about the pros and cons of the various types of website host companies.

Your files and pictures have to be physically located on a file server that is connected to the Internet. Lots of companies provide website hosting and their high capacity file servers can easily handle the huge amount of Internet traffic that exists today.

A company will host your website for as little as $5 a month. The five dollars buys you a certain amount of disk space, email accounts, and access to statistical data that shows who is visiting your site.

Select this article from PC Magazine for a list of some of the relatively inexpensive website hosting companies. This list will give you an idea of the various features offered by hosting companies. Keep in mind that some hosting companies are less expensive than these.

Your website host provides the go-between that you use to reach your customers and it's also the go-between that your customers use to reach you.

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