Registration step of website design

Registration Step of Website Design

This step of website design is the easiest step of the website design process and I'll help you do this. You need to have a registered domain name for your website and there are a couple of theories about choosing a site name. We will discuss the theories before making a decision.

My domain name is "" and you can see my domain name in the address bar on your screen. I originally tried to register as "" to keep the name as simple as possible; however, that name had already been taken by someone else.

Lots of companies provide domain name registration services with prices in the $10 to $30 range for a one year registration.

Domain registration companies provide a name look-up service that will determine if your requested name is available for purchase. In addition to helping you register your domain name, these companies will usually host your website, which is step 3 in the website design process.

Select Whois.Net to see if a domain name is available or already in use. If it is already in use, the site will provide you with the domain owner's name, where the site is being hosted, and a link to the person's website. You might be able to purchase the domain name from the owner if the domain name is important to you.

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